" Whether trained or not, he will always be in some respects an independent dog "
Carol Lea Benjami

Working with man and dog (humans and dogs)

Service dog Nsoah

It was a foregone conclusion that a Rhodesian Ridgeback was to be our future companion.
For a long time we pondered about what we want to achieve with our dog and how to work to reach the goals.
Close cooperation between dog and owner is a very special experience.

Since my friend is confined to the wheelchair, Nsoah learnt from a very young age to cope with this.
He loved to pick things up and bring them and was quite happy to run beside the wheelchair.
His love of humans soon made itself felt. He is neither timid nor aggressive.
These characteristics combined with his playfulness and love for working formed a good basis for our training him as a service dog.

He attended puppy class, then training classes for young dogs,
courses for socializing and obedience training, but the most intensive part was the bonding between Nsoah,
my friend in the wheelchair and myself.

We included small games and exercises in our daily life and as we had recently taken part in a clicker seminar,
we put what we had learnt to good use.

N. was quick to learn and loved the training sessions. He accompanied my friend and myself nearly everywhere,
be it to shopping centres, city centres, various events, restaurants, etc.

At home he has his fixed jobs: eg. Picking up objects, closing doors, removing socks and so on.

He has developed into a very good service dog and retained his friendly disposition.
Furthermore his health (x- rays, health check) is excellent, which also plays an important role- only a fit,
healthy dog is suitable for being a service dog..

Naturally, Noah. is first and foremost a member of the family, who doesn’t only have jobs to do.
We try to inject lots of variety into his life. Although he is not exactly a fan of dog shows,
we do attend international events from time to time. However we prefer to spend our free time in the fresh air.
Nsoah also loves the race track! To ring the changes, we also train him in tracking and always practice obedience.

Nsoah is an ordinary dog, who enjoys ordinary things of life, be it swimming, biking,
playing with his “doggy” friends or lying in the sun (from the vantage point of the sofa!)

There are various ways of keeping a Rhodesian Ridgeback active- be it on the race track,
in rescue dog work, tracking or as a hunting dog, which was his original purpose,
or opening up new opportunities- as a service dog.





Race track:

Bike- Jöring