My biggest dream has always been to earn a dog.
In 1998, my dream became true. Often, it is quite difficult to select the right breed.
While the phenotyp of a dog is mostly a question of preference, the size of he dog is quite more important.
How much space to I have and how much activity can I offer my dog.

The most important point was, that I pay attention of the of their essential features. Hunting, or guarding characteristics, and how they act in daily life.
My choise was the Belgium Shepperd dog, a Tervueren.
In Switzerland, in the kennel of „von Gloria“ I found my personal dog.
Jamy was a very social and pleasent dog.
In working him, (tracks and agility) he showed good strenght of nerves.
He got got results in educating him (here called BGH1 Test with the result of 98 points of 100). Sadly, we lost the fight against cancer.
2008, I had to let him go over the rainbow bridge.
It didn´t take a long time, until I wasn´t able, to live without a dog.

And this time, it was not a hard decision, for which kind of breed I decided.

Since 1993 in my family lived „The Ridgebacks“, the Rhodesian, as well as the Thai.
From the very beginning, I was fascinated from this breed.
End of 2008 I picked up my Rhodesian Ridgeback from the Italian Kennel „Harmakhis Wisdom“

Nsoah was a very self-confident little puppy.
He felt very well and pleased from the very beginning. He already showed his joy of working while he was a puppy.
And so on, our „working career“ started very soon.
Today, I´ve a wide knowledge about Rhodesian Ridgeback.
I always try to communicate with Rhodesian Ridgeback owner from Europe and overseas.
Genetic, Breed, Congenital deseases, Keeping of dogs and Work – one of the most important themes we like to exchange.

We work in:
- Mantrailing (trained by Karina Kalks)
– Basic Obedient (trained by Georg Sticha)
– Zielobjektsuche (self educated)
– Sleddog sport (seminars, visited: Hunde Training Zentrum Ebreichsdorf & ÖRV HSV Wöllersdorf / Susanne Fibieger)
– Clicker (Seminar and trained by Susanne Bock)
– Racetrack (ARH Marchegg).
Because of his urge to retrieve, he learnt to work with people in wheelchairs (See Menue: Working).

I graduate my education as a coach in Wöllersdorf/Austria with Susanne Fibieger.
She is for me one of the best coaches we have.
She has a very wide knowledge.
There is no other coach I´ve seen and worked with before, who can be compared with her.
She works with great motivation and sensitivity for each dog- and human team.
According to the motto: 
Education with heart and mind, positive motivation, diligence, consequences and lots of fun.

I like to work with humans and dogs and I steadily learn new things.
My personal target is to concentrate on the breed of the Rhodesian Ridgback
Among others,
- Basic Obedient in daily life,
- Pulling activities,
- Mantrailing
– Tracks
and as well to help in difficult situations


A few pictures of our work