Hier möchte ich Euch meine Beiden " Notkinder " vorstellen
Zwei süsse kleine Mädchen - Chihuahua Litte Bee Sumsum und Russkyi Toy Terrier Tattoo

Her full name is ‘Little Bee Sumsum’ a.k.a. Sumsum.
She joined our family at the tender age of 7 weeks and is our little ‘second hand’ dog. She is also our ‘crazy’ little girl.
Sumsum is a female Chihuahua with an immense zest for life and a lively character indeed.
Her heart is bigger than the whole dog. She just loves everything and everybody.
Big dogs, small dogs, cats, every kind of furry and feathery creature, children and people of any age.
Like so many other small dogs she is absolutely fearless and a pleasure to watch at dog training class..

In February 2014 came latecomer Tattoo, also a " second hand dog " to us.
She already lived in her short life in 3 families.
Unfortunately, she was zm trophy until 15 months at last
has arrived to us.
The little girl - Russkyi Toy - enriches our lives and is a
aufgewecktes and very funny girl. She is very eager and curious.
She already launched in 2014 on the track at the beginner and showed how quickly
may be a small dog. In agility it is quick and arrow with
much enthusiasm there. It also makes it great fun in the water to swim
or to run alongside the bike..

Her big brother Nsoah is very gentle and careful with her, especially when they are playing .
He is fully aware how easily he could squash her, she obviously is oblivious to that, as she has no concept of how little they really is.
I am so very proud of my pack , but especially him for his gentleness amongst his many good characteristics and her,
for her spirit and everything else.
I thoroughly enjoy watching her and sharing her adventures and shenanigans. This is one thing I can never get enough.
There happiness is my life as my pack are my love..