Ch Harmakhis Wisdom Nsoah 2017

Nsoah is a strikingly beautiful, self-assured, confident Rhodesian Ridgeback. He comes from a long and well established African blood line and is authentic in temperament. He is interested in his surroundings, territorial and alert. Initially observant with strangers, he will soon forge warm friendships. He is an elegant, athletic, expressive dog and quite simply outstanding.

His dry-muscled body covers a strong skeletal structure, perfectly shaped head and expressive demeanour with a strong chaw line to complete the picture of excellence.
His paws are closed and compact. The back is straight and firm and his movement is jaunty, rhythmical and spacious. His coat is a wonderfully warm red wheaten with small white marking over his heart.

Nsoah is a working dog through and through as he loves a ‘job’. His quick uptake is aided by a high level of intelligence. His physical speed is also evident on the race course, there he shows what his breed is made of.
His assured temperament enables him to take on any ‘job’. Obedience, subordinate and obliging at dog training classes, excellent personality as ‘service dog’ and a formidable nose suitable for ‘scenting’ and “mantrailling”.

We rarely attend exhibitions and dog shows.
We much prefer to spend time with the dogs outdoors,
enjoying nature or cuddled up on the settee. Yes, he is a ‘cuddler’!
That said, whenever we do attend Ring Craft and shows, Nsoah is invariably successful in adding to his trophy collection.

He is calm and pleasant indoors. Outdoors, he shows off his personality and takes delight in a good run. He is accustomed to accompany us when we are out cycling and particularly enjoys showing us the way.

He loves swimming in summer and to retrieve.

We let him off the lead when out on fields or in the forest, as his hunting instinct is easy to control. He is a Lady’s man and very charming toward females, with males it is a matter of …. well, sympathy.

Nsoah is a wonderful companion and fully integrated member of our family. He comes with me wherever I go. An Austrian proverb best describes our relationship:

Nothing happens without you!
Marion Gitzel, (*1947)

Nsoah is a picture of health, top fit and free of allergies or genetic disorders.

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