Planing Litter 2018

I received yesterday the call that the planned litter does not take place
becomes. The family moved this litter for private reasons back.

So I wish the family all the best for the future!
We stay in contakt.

Next mating is 2018
with a beautiful Lady ...


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07. February '18 One of ...



my my favourite picture
Nsoah and his little friend Sumsum -.

01. Februry '18 Aresvuma Hodari Kisura...



Beautiful daugther Kisura with her grandma Aresvuma Mahaba Hayana Dava -
granddaugther of WW 2013 and WW 2014 Faira Arif Kamilifu - greatgrand daugther of Int.Ch.Ascot Alta Mirano
Many more fantastic, healthy successful and famous Ridgebacks in her Pedigree
Vizara Jodi Jinga, Pronkberg Makari, Ramakelee Ayaba, Pronkberg Matange ,Zim Ch Rustig Mooketsi of Sarula, Cartouche Tenzi
to mention a few..

Her family told me Kisura is a lovely and proud girl.
She is loyal, playful, cuddly, curious and always a clown
She learns very fast, has power and energy
In the showring she presents herself very successfully and is now
Russian champion ..
I'm very proud of the offspring from my boy

13. Januar '18 New Year...



Who says Ridgebacks don't like snow definitely claims something wrong ..
We spend a lot of time in Carinthia where over Christmas / New Year and until today
snow lies.
Nsoah enjoys run and play in the snow ..

We enjoy the time together
Time flies so fast-
Meanwhile, he is shortly for his10th birth but is still the same "child's head"
He often reminds me of his youth

Indescribable this feeling to be so connected with him ..
However, it is importn that Nsoah's health values are top.
and we do everything we can to keep it that way
He is still very agile and in various sports like
Mantrail, target search, wheelchair service and train dog sport on the way.
Even in obedience he gives 110%.
I'm proud of my dog!

World Dog Show 08./09 2017



World Dog Show 2017

Great news...
On photos: excellent girls on WDS-17:
Jun.Ch. Aresvuma Hodari Kisura and her mother
Jun.Ch.,MultiCh.,Int.*Ch. Aresvuma Dansi Cheza Africa.

Nsoahs daughter Kisura received an excellent with a wonderful judge report in the big intermediate Class!
I'm very very proud of " my " little Russian girl!
Her won res.CW of champion class on World Specialty Dog Show under breedspecialist Steffen Schock.
Many many congratsto the fantastic girl and Aresvuma team.
Thank you so much


28. September '17 Matuku...



WOW - beautiful pictures of - Aresvuma Hombo Matuku aka Matu -
(shortly for his second birthday )
son of Nsoah.
He is such a beautiful young male !
I'm so proud ...


02. September '17 Happy Bday...



No words can describe my feelings
Happy happy Birthday my dears -
Nsoahs offspring in germany celebrate their 5th.birthday
We wish you a great day and many fun ..
Many kisses from us

06. August'17 Nsoah...



Who claims ridgeback do not like the water is wronger do not know it better

Yesterday we did a long trip.
We took our swimwear and were at the water all day ..
We enjoy the time together..
Nsoah often reminds me of his youthtime He still has a lot of nonsens in his head..
We are still playing football, running, pulling a rope .. an so on ...
He is a crazy boy bu thats's exactly what i Loce about him..

more pictures coming soon

09. july '17 Summer....



The summer has begun.
We are mostly in the early or later in the evening on tour At the weekend we are at the dog shool
where I make my education to the ÖKV dog coach.

Also the little buttons -
Sumsum s started in Rally Obedience and Clicker training - and she makes it great..
Tattoo works in Obedience, Racing Track and Clicker training
All my dogs work and have many fun.
When it is very hot we enjoy our time on the lake or we go
into the wood..

25. juni '17 Great day....



incredible how time flies
Nsoah celebrates yesterday his 9th Birthday!
He is a strong healthy Ridgeback and I'm proud he spend
his time with me..

Nsoah and I enjoy his Birthday
At first there were a lot of birthday presents.
Among the presents were also water games.
He likes to go swimming and apport the games

Great birthday, great gifts, great weather,
stunning handsome dog!


24. Juni '17 Happy Birthday....



Even if you do not know
Today is your 9th birthday!
I can still remember how small you were,
when I picked up ��
What we have since not experienced everything together!
You're a godsend.
thank you that I may accompany you
I look forward to many more great moments with you .
Is indescribable how much I love you ��
All siblings happy birthday

12. June '17 Junior Champion....



Great News from our youngstar
Nsoahs son
Aresvuma Hakkika Haza aka Harvy

He is new Russian Junior Champion...
Nationale Dogshow "The Cup of Baltic"
He got Exc1 , JCAC, Best Junior, BOB, BIG 1 and BEST IN SHOW JUNIOR

His Judgereport is very nice..
Excellent proportions, beautiful " male head " with many expression,
very nice ridge, excellent angulation, deep chest ,
I'm so proud -
Many congrats to Alexey and Harvy !


28. Mai '17 First Show....



I'm over the moon..
Great news from Russia .
June 3,2017
Specials show of Rhodesian RIdgeback -
75 Entires in St.Petersburg (Russia )
Judge - orit Nevo ( Israel )
Nsoahs stunning son Aresvuma Hakkika Haza aka Harvy rocked the ring
He did a great job of his first show!
He got a Excellent 3 in the well-occupied junior class..
I'm so proud of our youngstar -
Well done Harvy & Alexey congratulation!


28. Mai '17 Father and son....



Time flies too fast.
Unfortunately our holiday week is over.
But we have met a lot of experiences, family, friends and acquaintances.
We spent a lot of time with family and friends.
I was especially pleased that I met Nsoah's son from Aresvuma Kennel (Russia)

Matuku aka Matu ( 17 months ) lives in Germany with Rebekka, her husband and
two very nice children

Matu has a lot of flair and nonsense in his head -
A funny clown with a lots of charm
He is very kindly, open character, is not afraid of anything,
loves people, charming, amusing, graceful and a proud young boy with a great movement


22. Mai '17 Urlaub ....



We drive home in to the mountains...
A small house by the lake will be our home for one week ...

11. Mai '17 Great....



yesterday I received the news from Rebekka -
Matu (Aresvuma Hombo Matuku)
DM (Degenerative Myelopathy) and JME (Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy)
Tested at Laboklin.
I am very happy about this result.

X-rays will definitely be done at a later date.
Since all are still growing.


05. Mai '17 Vet-Check....



Yesterday i was with Nsoah in the Vetmed University in Vienna -
Nsoah is shortly for his 9th birthday
The Vet Med confirmed that his
Sperm quality is excellent.
Also the ultrasound of balls and
prostate is nothing about to complain.
Pathologically - no abnormalities
As well as heart and lungs - no abnormalities
I'm unhappy to get these result.

A big Thanks to the Vetmed Team!

28. April '17 The Ridge...



The most distinctive trademark of our breed is the Ridge -
A hair comb on the back, which runs counter to the actual hair growth direction.

My beautiful boy in the setting sun!

20. April '17 Matuku...



" Hi guys "
Ooooh, he is very similar to his father.
I'm looking forward to meet him..
In may we will visit Matu to get to know him with his family

18. April '17 A STAR is born....



And again -
I'm over the moon..
A star is born
Aresvuma Hodari Kisura , Nsoahs stunning daughter in Russia
was very successful in Russia of a National Dogshow.
She become her last CAC for the Russian Champion!

Ex1, CAC, Class Winner, Best Female, BOB

Thank you so much, congratulation
I'm so happy and proud-
Big kiss

15. April '17 Happy Easter...



All friends Happy Easter and a beautiful
long weekend ...

08. April '17 National Dogshow....



I'm over the moon
Aresvuma Hodari Kisura , Nsoahs stunning daughter in Russia
was very successful
Of the national Dogshow in Ekaterinburg ( Russland )

2xBest of Breed

Thank you so much, congratulation
I'm so happy and proud

04. April '17 Juvenile Myoklonische Epilepsie....



I'm over the moon...
Today I got great News from Germany
Aresvuma Hisani Anasa aka Mavis -
Nsoahs stunning daugther from Russia
JME CLEAR  (Juvenile Myoklonische Epilepsy)!- tested by Laboklin
I'm so happy!

23. März '17 Visit....



It was a very nice afternoon...
We had a lovely visit from Carinthia.
Maron & Stefan Santer - breeder of the famous Manisi Kennel in Austria -
with Nsoah's beautiful fiance Binti, sister Zuri and aunt Femi
They played and understand themselves very well.
Nsoah was very enthusiastic about so much girls ...

23. March '17 Bikejöring....



We also love to bikejöring on rainy day
Nsoah shortly for his 9th birthday is still full of power and energy.
We are still active in the Bikejöring.
It is very important to promote our dog also in the set age because it is the only way to stay active and fit!
It also makes him a lot of fun to pull the bike


19. March '17 Aresvuma Hakika Haza....



Today i get pictures of Haza aka Harvy..
Nsoahs son who lives in Russia - St.Petersburg.
His family is very happy with him and told me Harvy's character is wonderful.
He loves to play with children, is a very kind dog, patient (he has this from his mum Dansi) and he grows to a obedient boy! He is very intelligent and well-mannered dog.
He loves to pull the sled or the bike...
I am always happy when I get pictures from the owners and also they tell of their dogs


12. March '17 Cookies....



Baking clicker cookies


06. March '17 Aresvuma Hombo Matuku....



I'm very happy when I get pictures of nsoahs offspring. Its beautiful to see how develops the
" new generation " ..
I'm very very proud!
Matu, Nsoahs son from Russia ,
He is now a 15 months young teenager He can accompany his family everywhere
He has no problems, in the city, in the cafebar or in free-run in the forest ..
He loves long walks with his family...

yesterday walk led into a ravine.
Matu moved very safely in this rough terrain.
Thank you very much for the beautiful pictures


27. February'17Sunday



Time for my lovely pack.
First there was plenty of time for Nsoah. After the mantrail training we enjoyed the time on a long walk..
Then I went with Sumsum and Tattoo into a big park and have spent a lot of time with them
It was a wonderful Sunday which I will remember for a long time.

12. February'17 We....



The warm days are coming and we enjoy them to the fullest!

12. February'17 Tattoo....



Great success from our home-
Today Tattoo was honored with the title of " Cup Winner 2016" at Racing Dog Sport, from our Club ARH-Marchegg.

Oh people I'm so proud of my little girl.
She has developed so incredibly great.
I can not put it into words as I feel ...
Congrats my little girl - I love you


10. February '17 Aresvuma Hombo Matuku ....



Matu is working hard for his first show.
He is a very proud young Rhodesian Ridgeback male with a open charakter.
He is loyal, kind, understanding with all dogs no matter whether males or females, is playful and a gentle..
Matu lives in Germany - loves his family and is a precious family member ..
We cross the fingers for our prince Matu!

Matuku is a son of Nsoah & Aresvuma Dansi Cheza Africa, which is live in Russia
Matus mum Dansi is very successful on many
shows in Europe -
She was World winner (2015) in the Open Class - in Milano
Dansi's father is Faira Arif Kamilifu 2x Worldwinner
Yes, the apple does not fall far from the trunk haha

Nsoah has also been very successful at national and international shows.
But we are very rar on shows. I love the time with him
in the nature or on work with him,
such as Mantrail, ZOS, service onthe wheelchair, Bikejöring etc.


03. February '17 A little bit snow....



We love the cold winter, the temperature and the sun leaves us long outside.
we are not freezing. Nsoah jumps, races, and runs through the fields how a Ridgeback teenie
It's really great to watch him how much fun he has in the snow


31. January '17 Mum Elike....



Harmakhis Wisdom Elike aka Nubia Nsoahs lovely mum shortly for her 12..
What a lovely stunning " grandma "
Love her face ..
Nubia doing very well is fit and likes to go out in the nature.
I love her face very much

Thank you so much for this beautiful picture

28. Januar '17 Wunderschön...



This picture has just reached me yesterday in the evening..
It is Nsoah's stunning daughter
Aresvuma Hisani Anasa aka Mavis ( 13 months ) from Russia who lives with Marion and her family in Germany.
Mavis develops beautifully - She is very friendly, gentle and open..
She has a beautiful head and very expressive.
Now she goes to Show an we cross the fingers for successful career
Mavis is very similar to her father and I'm so proud...
oooh I'm so in love


26. December '16 Xmas...



It was a beautiful evening with family and friends.
My pack love the Xmas evening - particularly Nsoah ...
The gifts, the Christmas tree, the lights - the stillness ...

Merry Chritmas and great moments,
time, adventure and health for all two and four-legged friends ...