My name is Barbara and I live with my two dogs, Nsoah and Sumsum, on the outskirts of Wiener Neustadt (Vienna/Austria).

I have loved dogs my entire life.

My first dog was a Belgian Sheep Dog, Tervueren named Jamy. I enjoyed and shared my life with him for almost 10 years, alas, it was not meant to be longer, as he suffered a serious illness and was taken from us in 2008. His passing left a cleft in my life ...

… until finally ….

…. on the 17th of September, I was joined by my wonderful Rhodesian Ridgeback boy, ‘Nsoah’.
I am fascinated by this breed, the elegance, beauty, thickness - but especially their character.
Not recently gave me Gabazas Cabo (first stud dog in our family) the abutting

Our family was not yet complete, until our little Sumsum joined us in 2011. Sumsum is a ‘larger than life’ and ‘full of zest’ Chihuahua girl and commonly referred to as our ‘second hand’ dog.
2014 come also a second hand dog , Russkyi Toy Tattoo, in our life. She is a beautiful girl

We live in a very picturesque setting, surrounded by fields and a beautiful small lake nearby. Both, Nsoah and I, love nature and walking in the country side, and try to spend as much time there as we can. But is has to be said, we also do our fair share of shopping trips to the city. A girl needs her shopping and Nsoah just toddles along and, in un-typical guy fashion, enjoys every moment of it as he loves people and the attention he attracts.

Nsoah is a hugely loveable guy who truly inspires people. Like most Ridgebacks, he can be a bit aloof initially, but this is short lived. Slowly and steadily he will ‘thaw’ and soon become your friend. Obviously, any people he is familiar with, will be greeted with the typically exuberant love of a Ridgeback. Best to hold on to the bannister!