KwaZulu Ishara Major 2018

Name: KwaZulu Ishara Major
Breed: Russkiy Toy Terrier
Owner: H.M. & Barbara Obermoser

Pedigree no: ÖHZB in work
Date of Born: 04 January 2018 / Ukraine

too early
Weight: too early

Heart -
too early
Eyes -
too early
Patellaluxation - too early
Dilute Status - too early
Hemophilia - too early

Color: brown & tan
Ridge: Correct
Theet: Milk theets / in exchange
Nose color: Brown nose
Gender: Male
Breede: Svetlana Alekhina

A star is born
Unplanned, a "little man" came into our lives
KwaZulu Ishara Major aka Major

He is a very cute, curious, courageous, playful, tender and cuddly pup with a mental psyche.
Our pack has taken the little man very well.
Major integrates itself exellent
The socialization has begun. drivingto car, go on the leash, visit the restaurant,
visit of children, noise of the day: vacuum cleaner, washing machine, mixer -
The little one masters everything very well.
We are looking forward to further adventures